micro cultivator
Efficient cannabis cultivation tech, state compliance & distribution for small to medium size grows.
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kilowatts per day
grams per day
partners & buyers
Times are changing. Stay competitive, gain deeper insight into your grow room & have peace of mind with expert advice to back you up.
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High Efficiency
Our controllers and monitoring tools allow growers to minimize water, nutrient and electric waste.
State Compliance
Stay fully compliant and ensure everything from IPM to disinfectants are OMRI and state approved.
Sales & Distribution
We help you from seed to sale. Once your compliant product is ready we help secure a fair price.
max yields
Our proprietary hardware is state of the art & monitors a variety of environmental metrics that allow us to dial in and
push your strains to their limits
Our fully automated environments maintain perfect VPD with computer controlled heating & cooling.
We deliver the perfect PAR to your canopy by automatically dimming based on real time factors.
We've cut water & nutrient usage in half by precisely measuring & delivering only what's needed.
All this and more is completely automated & remotely monitored 24/7 with 99.9% SLA. Ready now?
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